5 Common SEO Mistakes You Need to Know

SEO is incredibly important when it comes to growing your business and getting your product in front of the right audience. There is no magic button for achieving ‘great SEO’ - it takes time, creativity and the right analytical prowess. Often times, entrepreneurs and business owners can become impatient and try to find a workarounds [...]

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Why Video is Important for SEO

It can’t be said enough in 2018 - video marketing WORKS, and it not only gives you a better chance of appealing to your audience, it gets you IN FRONT of your ideal audience by helping improve your ranking on Google. In fact, including video as part of your marketing strategy increases your chances of [...]

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How to Give Your Business a ‘Spring Clean’

It’s that time of year again! The sometimes dreaded, mostly necessary act of ‘spring cleaning’. As we think about all the ways to simplify our personal lives, it’s also important to factor in how we can organize and optimize our businesses through a business spring clean. This doesn’t mean overthrowing your entire business plan, it [...]