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It’s that time of year again! The sometimes dreaded, mostly necessary act of ‘spring cleaning’. As we think about all the ways to simplify our personal lives, it’s also important to factor in how we can organize and optimize our businesses through a business spring clean. This doesn’t mean overthrowing your entire business plan, it simply means taking the time to work out any kinks to help your business grow and flourish this year.

Digital Decluttering

Most people house their important documents and business information online nowadays. However, as time goes on, we realize that we no longer need a majority of the digital files we have stored on our laptops and in the cloud, and the information we kept over the years ends up cluttering our hard drives and taking up too much space. It’s time to delete any unnecessary files and free up space for new documentation in 2018.

Fast Tip: Photos and videos can take up a huge amount of space on your hard drive. Target these first. Try moving them to an external hard drive if you can’t bear to part with the memories!

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Unsubscribe Where Necessary

Notice that your inbox is swelling up beyond your control? It’s probably time to evaluate whether or not you really NEED to be receiving those weekly updates from the yummy restaurant you visited once or the daily Google Alerts you subscribed to ages ago for news about your favorite sports team. Set aside an hour or two to thoroughly evaluate your inbox and flush through the type of emails you’re receiving. You’ll be relieved when you notice your email account becomes more easy to manage.

Fast Tip: Create a new email address to send all your miscellaneous mail to, and keep your personal business email more exclusive.

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Make Attainable Goals for 2018

YOU are the only person who is responsible for reaching the goals you set in 2018. Being the only true keeper to our own happiness and success can be both a gift and a curse. Choose to make it a gift in 2018 and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Make a list or chart of how you are going to reach your 2018 goal and break it down into reasonable steps and mini-goals that you can reach each month. This is a huge part of a success business spring clean!

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After Your Business Spring Clean

When you’ve finished your spring cleaning, now you can focus on what really matters – growing your business and expanding your audience! That’s where Cabéza Advertising comes in. Ready to get started?

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