We develop strategies that will elevate your distribution and share in the Texas retail grocery market.

With an integrated background of retail grocery, supply and logistics experience, we help to effectively position consumer products in retailer grocery stores. Our long history of Texas-based and Texas-focused sales support, combined with our partnerships with Cabeza Advertising and Cabeza Digital, make us a smart choice to help you get to the next level.

Looking for traditional or digital marketing services?

We can connect your directly to marketing strategy and analysis services through our partnership with Cabeza Advertising and Cabeza Digital.


Local Experts

Locally “grown,” we know the Texas market and are ready to help you tailor your products and strategies to meet the needs in this unique market.


With more than 30 years of experience in the retail grocery business and working with manufacturing companies in the fresh produce industry, our experience allows us to develop the best strategies to drive growth for your products.


We care about YOUR success and will achieve that by providing strategies and solutions that allow your product to excel at shelf


Born and raised in Austin, Texas – April is proud of her Texas roots. She loves getting her boots dirty at Possum Well Ranch, where she and her husband Jose “Get their Outside On” raising Angus beef cattle and hosting events.

She is equally proud of the work she’s done and relationships she’s developed with grocers, growers, brokers and suppliers, not only in Texas but across the US and internationally.

April is recognized as a strong leader with an integrated background in retail grocery operations, produce procurement, logistics, and manufacturing. Let her help you achieve your goals in the Texas market!

  • Engage growers, brokers and retailers to provide a strategic 360 view to solve problems and provide solutions
  • Share in-depth knowledge of the Texas market
  • Enjoy collaborating with world-wide organizations focused on growing the Texas market

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