Leverage our 25 years of experience

Traditional advertising consists of the media vehicles that have been proven through the years, including print, TV, radio and outdoor (billboards). Because this type of media often is dramatic and larger than life, and because the audience can see and/or hear you, trust is earned immediately and you are positioned as formidable.


Not as expensive as you might think

Our clients often are concerned that traditional advertising is too expensive, but that’s not necessarily true. When structured correctly, this form of marketing can be one of the most efficient and impactful media deliverables available.

  • Discounts: We know how to make efficient buys and get discounted rates.
  • Intelligent buys: We know how to structure media buys that offer the highest reach and frequency output.
  • Smart demographics: We know how to create a traditional media plan that takes into account the demographics of surrounding neighborhoods and even the traffic patterns.
  • Experience: We’ve been creating strategic media plans for more than 25 years.


A complimentary strategy session

Let’s meet to discuss a strategy for how traditional advertising can efficiently boost your business.