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Starting your own niche business and looking to find your audience? It can be hard creating a business that is geared towards a smaller number of people – but infiltrate your market correctly and you may reap the rewards faster than you expect! It’s all about strategy – and we’re here to help you with that.

Know Your Market Inside and Out

We can’t stress this enough! Segment your audience and create buyer personas if it will help you understand your customer better. Spend the time to do proper market research to find out what your customers care about and how to best appeal to them with your product. Find out who is currently buying your competitor’s products – what is their age, income or marital status? Does one matter more than the other? How can you best target these people? Take the time to ask yourself these tough questions and get out there and find the answers!

Listen To Your Audience

Your audience is the most important part of the success puzzle. When they start buying and becoming loyal customers, they will influence the buying decisions of others through reviews and feedback loops, so it’s crucial to LISTEN to your audience and hear their pain points. Find out what makes your business UNIQUE to your competitors and stand out to customers. This is called your USP or Unique Selling Point. Putting customer needs first will pay off big time in the long run of your company.

Cabeza Advertising

Accept Competition – and Work Around it!

Ah, competition! It may exist no matter what you try – but asserting yourself as the best possible option in your market is what needs to be done to appeal to customers as the best possible choice for them. Keep it mind, not every marketing decision has to be done using online advertising tools like Google AdWords or social media. Why not try some good old fashioned offline marketing? Meet with customers face-to-face and bring your business cards with you. Infiltrate conferences, fairs and meetup events that will allow you to talk about your product. Be bold! It will set you apart from the pack.

Be Open to Partnerships

Partnering with another business can give your product the leverage it needs to come out on top. Teaming up with experts in your market can help generate hype around your product and increase your visibility. Do they have a YouTube channel? Would they want to collaborate on some content on their blog? These are the questions you should ask influencers in your space. Most of them will be on social media – so drop them a line on Twitter or Instagram to get their thoughts!

Cabeza Advertising

Leverage User-Generated Content

Lastly, the power of user-generated content should never be underestimated. Customers on the internet trust their fellow customers and value their opinions. So ask your top customers to leave reviews on Google and Yelp to help gain some solid feedback on your product and get people more interested in trying it out. Perhaps even a social media competition with your product’s hashtag could work to generate more chatter online – as long as there is an incentive for the audience to participate. Be creative!

Need some more inspiration? Set up a call with us and we can help you with your niche marketing needs. It’s what we do!

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