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You might be wondering if you should include traditional media options in your 2018 marketing plan. Many digital marketers might feel that traditional, outbound marketing techniques, such as billboards and print ads, are no longer in style. The TRUTH is that it really depends on your target audience and the purpose of your campaign. In many ways, traditional marketing is still very effective when used correctly.

In fact, outbound marketing efforts can help LEVERAGE inbound marketing efforts.

For example, say you’re running a campaign to drive traffic to your website and increase your overall brand awareness. Using a traditional marketing tactic like a small print ad in your local newspaper or a 30 second ad slot on the radio can help generate this brand awareness and drive people to visit your website and buy your product.

“A diverse marketing strategy gets the best results” – Think Creative Group

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Use Traditional Marketing When Promoting Events

Traditional marketing techniques are also incredibly valuable when promoting marketing events, such as welcoming parties, networking meetups and other functions that might help you when launching your business or wanting to attract more customers. Like we mentioned before, be sure to know your audience. Cabeza Advertising can help you with this. For instance, the average age of someone reading the paper or watching the television is higher than those scrolling through Twitter or Facebook.

It’s also important to be SMART about your media buys. It’s a common occurrence for people to believe that traditional marketing is expensive and unobtainable. The truth is that, when researched and negotiated correctly, traditional media can be a very profitable option.

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That’s where Cabeza Advertising comes in.

We’ll help you navigate how to make effective media buys and and get discounted rates. We know how to construct a profitable media plan that takes into account your key demographics and audiences. Not to mention, we’ve been doing this for 25 years – so you’re in great hands!

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