Starting a company blog? Blogging is a great way to improve your SEO and get your small business on the right track to a bigger audience and overall, more customers! Google LOVES blogs, especially when they are done correctly. This means, less keyword-stuffing and more rich, useful and unique content.

Need some inspiration for blog topics? Here are 5 topics you can apply to your own business to create fresh, original content that Google (and your customer) will love!

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Highlighting customer testimonials and Stories

Customer testimonials are important because when searching for a product, potential customers are likely to seek out reviews and testimonials to validate whether or not the product or service is worth their time. Local SEO is also highly impacted by reviews. Have a few loyal customers that wouldn’t mind being interviewed for your blog? Reach out to them and send them an email with a few questions about their experience with your business.

Guest Posts from Industry Experts

Industry experts are very useful in positioning yourself and your business as trusty-worthy. Think of it this way – if a credible source does a guest blog post with you, your own credibility will increase. Have them retweet the article on their own social media and see your blog gain traction.

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Current Market Trends

Market trends will always be in fashion when it comes to blog content. What are the current stats regarding your industry in 2019? Compare those stats to 2018, or make some unique predictions about where you think the industry will go in 2020. Market research blogs are interesting to many users and if you link to your sources within the blog, you might get some retweets or article sharing!

Behind the Scenes

Doing a special photoshoot for your business? Perhaps your running a workshop or an event for the public to help spread awareness for your company. Document it! Have someone take behind-the-scenes photos that you can then share on your blog after the event is over and write 200-500 words about what the event was about and why it was important.

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Meet the Staff

This one is perhaps the simplest and the most rewarding blog – introducing your beloved staff to the world! When shopping for a product or service, potential customers like to know they are in trusted hands and it makes it easier when they can put a face to the name and learn a bit more about the team. Why not write some short bios on your team members and share them as a blog?

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