When building a successful business, you need to spend the time (and often, money) building marketing campaigns that will help you grow your audience. The problem is, mistakes WILL surely be made along the way, as it’s all part of the learning process.


However, there is one major mistake that is often made that can easily be avoided.


Authenticity Counts


It’s quite a broad mistake in which many marketing tactics fall into – but NOT being authentic with your overall marketing plan and the execution of it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.


For example, think about your brand voice. Are you putting forth this voice in your social media? Or are your tweets quite tone deaf and lack luster? Making sure you’re on social media is one thing, but truly interacting with your audience and creating content that they will be interested in is key. People like brands and products they can relate to and that will enhance or help their lives. Made a big mistake that affects your customer and their happiness? Come clean and apologize. In 2018, the customer is smarter than ever, and can smell inauthenticity from a mile away.



Take the Time to Do it Right


Authenticity and originality can’t always be done overnight – it can definitely mean spending the time to perfect your brand.


3 Quick Tips for Doing it Right


  1. Come up with a logo and a mission statement that is authentic to who you are as a company to really bring your product to life and capture the attention of your audience.
  2. Be honest – and stick to your promises on social media. If you’re running a social media competition, actually follow through and select a winner. Even if there are only a few entries.
  3. Double check your work! In 2011, the New York Times sent out an email to 8 million subscribers that was actually intended for only 300 people. Whoops. But the lesson learned is to take the time to be thorough and careful when implementing your marketing ideas.



Overall, it’s crucial that you take the time to be authentic in your marketing and pay attention to the feedback you get along the way – from customers, friends, rivals and anyone in between. It doesn’t mean you have to take their advice, but it does mean that you might find a diamond idea when you spend the time listening to those around you.

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