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What if you could pick out the 1% ready to buy?

Cabéza Digital combines Big Data + Machine Learning to sift through the prospects and uncover the potential clients who are ready to engage and buy.

How do we do it?

  • 1. We start with a keen understanding of your target audience – people actively considering how and where to manage wealth and plan for retirement.
  • 2. We use data and science (Big Data + Machine Learning) to locate prospects showing relevant patterns of behaviors and identify them as your most likely potential clients.
  • 3. You gain access to an intelligently sorted and pre-qualified list of prospects who are ready to act, then reach them with your brand and messaging before anyone else. You win the advantage.


Consider this real-world example:

Let’s say you are seeking new clients for your financial advising firm. Most companies would target demographics or simply bid on keywords, reaching too many unqualified people. Instead, we filter through a wide range of online databases, social-media behavior analytics and search-engine algorithms to create a list of pinpointed prospects in your area ready to enlist your specific services. Then we engage a strategic mix of online marketing tactics to capture every stage of their decision journey.

What does it cost?

We can’t wait to give you a quote, as every scenario and every market varies in terms of costs. However, here’s the Bottom Line: Targeted marketing that uses data and behavioral analytics is known to be much more effective and ultimately much less expensive than traditional marketing efforts.

Exclusivity promise

Because the prospects we identify are so closely targeted, we maintain a “one client per area” policy, which means that you get to lock out your local competitors from targeting those prospects using our proprietary tool set.

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How do you know we are worth our salt?

We love this question, because we recognize that the field of targeted marketing has some service providers who are employing tactics that are questionable or even downright disreputable.

Based in Central Texas, Cabéza Digital is a small but mighty digital marketing agency founded by veteran marketing expert José García. When you connect with us, we will invite you to explore our reputation among our clients, our partners in various networking groups and our local chamber of commerce. We have a stellar reputation for excellence and integrity, and we think it’s important for you to feel comfortable and confident about our tactics, our character and our results.

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Cabeza Digital President Jose Garcia

Cabéza Digital President José García

Complete the form on this page or call us at (325) 200-0054